Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Spring is Here!!"

Well i just uploaded some new pics of the kids and i'm waiting on dinner to finish i thought i'd windows are open, it's raining again this week,,,and i love to hear the sound of my kids playing and laughing together,,mixed with the rumbling serene...... this morning when i got up and looked outside,,,after a night of rain,,,it just looked so "springy".....all the colors of the trees and flowers and grass were so pretty.....most of my azaleas are also i tried to get some pics of the kids around them.......i do this every year,,,,,but this year,,,they just were not i settled for a few random the sewing world of Cloud Dust i've been sewing my hands off~!~~.......order after orders keep piling in.......most of them are duplicates,,,things i've already posted on here......but i have a bag to do and a baby bedding set i'm sooo ready to finish!!!....i'm getting ready to get rid of my baby crib...but i'm not letting it go until i can get some pics of this bedding on it! does feel weird knowing that the "crib" days are over though.......on one hand it is sad...but on the other is it sort of is getting a tad easier......our next big feat will be potty training for the third time........after that,,,wow!....i'll be the mom that can take a book to the pool again!!! HA!......enough's some random pics of the kiddos.....


Kecia said...

Oh i love spring... Such a colorful time!

Ans the pics are so beautiful! You have been blessed with gorgeous kids!:)

God bless you!

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Your kids are just way too cute! Are you sure you don't want to have anymore???? :)