Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Tutu Cute"

i couldn't help but make at least one more picture happy post today! my very little time,,,and i do mean VERY little time,,, i'm working on figuring out some stuff on my camera still......i caught these pics of katie mae,,,and wanted to share them.........maybe i can get emma grace and warnock to let me get some good pics of them soon too........enjoy!

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~Bekah said...

these pics are gorgeous!!!!!!! i just love the colors and softness of them and shelby will sooooooo need some leggings like this and a tutu of course!
thx for the blog comment on shelby's bag. it was a doozy to make but came out just how i invisioned it! you'll have to see it in person when u come over today! i can't wait for our photoshoot either! you're right, i don't feel beautiful, thx to the stretch marks shelby decided to give me on my lower belly last i am excited about this shoot. :) it'll be fun! maybe at my house we could convince josh to get in some shots!! haha