Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Little Luke"

SO, i've been MIA lately.......really just MIA from blog world.......i've been completely SWAMPED with picture taking!! God has truly blessed me and my business!
i'm going to back track a little a post some pics from back sessions......and play the catch-up game with u all for the next, check back tomorrow, i'll be posting at least one or two posts a day to try and catch u all up on what's been going on around here!!! for now,, here are some other pics of little luke.....his parents drove all the way magnolia, from maumelle!!! that's at least 3hrs!!!......just for me to take his pictures.......i was flattered to say the least....i've had mostly out of towners lately........little rock and el dorado have been spreading and sharing pics from cloud dust photography......and these people have been burning the roads! i love meeting new people!! and loved meeting the mann family from maumelle! without further ado,, here's some more pics of Luke!

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lindsey and jeremy said...

I love your work! Just wondering where you are located and what are your prices. if you could email me