Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Minky Giraffe Diaper Bag"

Here's a bag i did for a group of people here in town to give as a baby's so plush!...choc brown corduroy mixed with soft brown and pink giraffe minky's not that fun to work with,, but it sure is pretty!!.....there's a big pocket on the outside,, it's hard to see,,,,,we couldn't monogram it because the mommy to be is not letting the name out of the bag yet......but i'm going to have her initials on the front pocket in baby pink script......the changing pad is out of a pink and brown paisley that matches the lining of the bag......and tied together with a great big pink satin bow!.....of all the colors i work with,,,,i still love to use different pinks and browns!!!


~Bekah said...

i love the pink and brown giraffe print minky! Soo pretty!!

Mandi said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. To answer your question - I made the ornaments with scrapbooking paper and ribbon. I will post pictures next week of our tree with more of the ornaments on it b/c I'm participating in BooMama's Christmas tour.

Kecia said...

So cute...
Very cute!!