Friday, December 5, 2008

"More Chirstmas sets"

I mailed out some orders today.....and one lady came by to pick her order up......she brought her girls with her and i couldn't resist the opportunity to get some of her girls loved taking pics, but the other wanted nothing to do with we put her outfit on emma grace......emma grace is wearing the candy cane skirt and the white shirt with the "C"....the "C" stands for chloye......and the other little girl is Ally.....and she's wearing her own new gingerbread skirt set.......the mother decided that she wanted the monogrammed shirts in red and white so they could wear them for Valentine's day with a different cloud dust skirt.....great idea!!!!!


Mely said...

I like the candy cane skirt! I love the red and green set too!

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Cute outfits! And that is a great idea about reusing the tops for V-day. And it will still be cool then and so the long sleeves will be perfect. I'll have to remember that for myself. :)

Kecia said...

So cute... I'm aways amazed bye your desings!
It's to bad that i don't live close... I would love to have you as a teacher!! You are a very blessed woman!!
We just found out that there was a bowling place here last week... LOL!