Thursday, April 9, 2009

"THE Skirt"

A customer of mine brought me a children's clothing magazine called "chasing fireflies"......very cute clothes,,,,,,but extremely pricey.....anywho....i was looking thru it and found a few things i wanted to try and when i was down in west monroe a couple weeks ago,,,me and my bff, melanie decided to try a skirt from the we went to hobby lobby and found some material.....and made up the skirts.......i think they turned out really good.....the actual skirt is one piece with three rows of ruffles that curve up at the sides,,, and then there is another piece that ties on...and it is there are many different ways to wear this's great.....i'm going to make another one for the beach in june....but only in a cream color and then the tie on part something with red.......and by the way,,,this skirt retailed in the magazine for 168.00!

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crochetdlane said...

This skirt is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am really loving this! I am going to have to get one for Xiera soon. I guess I should ask first, "Are you selling these? You can get back to me with a price quote on myspace if you would like! Hugs hun!