Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Get Ready"

alright,, the Cloud Dust fall/winter photo shoot is SAT!!!! and i'm SO excited....i've got 17 girls lined up needless to say,,it's going to be a LONG we are going to have a wonderful time!...i can't wait to see the girls modeling all the new's a glimpse of what u will see in all the new pics next week!!

also,,,,,how can i post without including a pic of one of my own little people!...
.last sunday i did some pictures at my sis in law's VERy causal backyard wedding......and one point i realized i was one kid short,,,,,katie had wandered off...i found her in the backyard "club house" as the kids call it......playing with a magnify glass she'd found......i couldn't resist snapping a shot of obviously likes to get an up close and personal look at life....HA!

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