Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here I am........Just me.....

Here I am....a would have thought that.....when would i find time? lol
i've had a number of people wanting to look at new things from "Cloud Dust" and they complain because they don't have a myspace ....u people u can look here!
i worked on, and finished, a few things today for the store in texarkana,, "Isaiah's Sister" today...

and i also worked on some new onsies this week and couldn't resist making one for my sweet katie mae,,,,,and i had to add her new leg warmers from baby legs for a pic!

i love this las pic of her crawling away!

i started a new book.. it's called crazy love,,,,and i'm excited about it,,and i will share some about it next time......i'm in the process of looking for a good bible study to do with the college girls this fall.....(david and i lead the college ministry at our chruch) i got one on ruth, but it's not as in depth as i would like......if anyone has a good one on ruth, please share!
it's late and i'm rambling, i know..sorry.....but i have to say how impressed i am by my soon to be three yr old son......he is riding his bike without training wheels....ah! he needs absolutely NO help! i'm so proud of him......i need pics......i will post some soon! in the meantime, here are a few pics of the kids i took this week......the ones of katie in her white dress bf, melanie MADE it for her,,, she wore it for her baby dedication back in may,,and i realized i only videoed,,and had no acutal pics of her in it,, so i got some this past sunday.....

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