Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sewing with EG

Today i started teaching emma grace how to sew...she's 5 and a half,,,and my grandmother bought her , her very own sewing has a really slow speed on she can learn to sew on it easily........she wanted to make a pillow bed for her new fav stuffed animal, "giraffeeeee".......david's mom gave her this blue stuffed giraffe months back,, and lately it's become her carry around toy.....she even took it along with a card board box house she made to show and tell at school this week.....she's such a crafty little girl........anyways,,,,,she picked out this fabric and cut it.....pinned it,,,,sewed it......stuffed it....and i helped her sew the decorative stitches on the ribbon and sew up the open hole after she finished stuffing it......she's so proud of it...and i was really surprised to see how straight she was able to keep her stitching line......she really had a great time today....and i had fun being able to teach her.. she's already got a long list of all the other things she wants to make for "giraffeeeee"'m proud of her and i will cherish this day and this adorable pic!!

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