Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Warnock Wednesdays"

Every wed. warnock, katie and i go to storytime at the library.....they sing songs, dance around, have puppet shows, use flannel boards, and all kinds of stuff......then they read some books and make a couple of crafts before has become the highlight of Warnock's week...and i love watching him get so excited about going and telling "Ms. Susan" about his new star wars movie and light saber's more outgoing and interactive at the library then he's ever been anywhere else......he's the first to jump up and dance, sing, (with vibrato taught to him by his big sis, of course), and the first to answer any questions ms. susan might ask that, i decided to take my camera and snap a few pics for my blog..first i had to get a pic of warnock in front of the painted wall,,,it's on the side of the building,,,and he talks about the different pictures on it every week..............then we went inside, and this wed they looked at things that began with the letters, "I" and "J".... "I" is for inchworm ,, which they made.....and "J" is for jester......and ms. susan had a large puppet jester.....warnock loved it....but katie wasn't sure about
after we get done at story time i take the kids to mc'ds for a special lunch.....we have such a good time,,,,it's weird not having emma grace with us..i find myself missing her too....and i caught myself thinking about it just being me and katie in 3years.....there by i could just hold on to these next three years a little harder...............anyways,,,,hope u enjoy a look into our "Warnock Wednesday"


Our Journey to Jillian said...

Woohoo!! Another blogger!!! So excited to see you on here!!

The Meshells said...

Aww those were too cute. And katie looks just like you. I know what you mean. My time at home with the boys is almost to an end and Im more than sad about it. Its hard lettting GO!!!!!!

Janet said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog...I love your new designs, and the kids are as cute as can be (as usual!).

crochetdlane said...

O what fun!!! I need to go to our local library to find out when our storytime days are!! Xier and Zella would love this!!